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Fish for Tomorrow

Documentary promoting sustainable fisheries and responsible fishing.
Viking Village has been very supportive and proactive with the cooperative research program in order to ensure "FISH for the FUTURE." You can now view the 60 minute documentary in it's entirety by watching the four parts of this provocative story. Also included are excerpts of the sustainable / cooperative research program which was presented at the Monmouth University Forum on Sustainable Fisheries. Secondly, the monkfish video that advocate Rick Marks of Washington, D.C. has presented on Capitol Hill numerously to the congressmen is available for screening.

Fish for Tomorrow Part 2.

Advocate Rick Marks discusses "The Magnuson Stevens Act" and the Executive Director of Viking Village, Ernie Panacek speaks about the success stories of the fishing industry.
"The Miracle at Sea-SCALLOPS" is brought to the forefront because of the rebound of this bivalve. An in-depth study and the cooperation of the fishing industry has helped the North Atlantic "Wild" Scallop attain great populations throughout the mid Atlantic region of the ocean. Interesting how the scientists came up with rotational harvesting grounds, increasing the ring size of the scallop tow, number of days out at sea and the decrease of the crew size. All these factors proved to be valuable in the success of the scallop industry.

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