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Yesterday's Fish Today's Challenges

An historical documentary of the commercial fishing industry on Long Beach Island. Shortly before the turn of the century Scandinavian fishermen settled on the northern tip of the island. The fishing grounds were bountiful and Barnegat Light reminded them of their homeland. The Nordic square heads built the Independent Fish Company where Viking Village sits now. Over the past decades they founded techniques of fishing that today's fishermen are still using. The film features the pioneers of the past century, the discovery of the tilefish industry with Capt. Lou Puskas and Capt. John Larson, the fisheries time travel through the 60s, 70s, 80s and then into modern day in which our U.S. fishermen are embattled with stringent government regulations and quota. Today's fishermen are responsible for the sustainable fishery and have cooperated with the government and research scientists to ensure fish for the future.

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