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Blue Water Fishermen's Association

This past summer filmmaker David Kaltenbach traveled on behalf of Blue Water Fishermen’s Association along the Eastern seaboard, from Gloucester MA to Beaufort, NC interviewing longline fishermen. With a common thread interwoven amongst them, they commented on bluefin tuna and the issues that would arise if the longline industry was shut down after their small bluefin quota was met. Also discussed is the Proposed Rule to overhaul bluefin tuna regulations, Amendment 7 to the Highly Migratory Species Fishery Management Plan.

The purpose BWFA is to advance the common interests of U.S. fishermen, vessel owners, fish dealers, service and supply companies and others with an interest in the sustainable hook and line pelagic longline harvest of Atlantic swordfish, tunas, pelagic sharks and mahi-mahi.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in the videos are the personal opinions of the interview subjects and may not always reflect the positions of BWFA.

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Tim Malley, CEO, Boston Sword & Tuna

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