Kaleo produces all the audio-visual content for the Departmental Museum of Antique Arles as well as defining the media strategies for the Arles Rhone 3 archaeological project.
Broadcast on the Internet in the form of a web documentary, on television (M6, TF1, France 3, BFMTV, and others) and by magazines (National Geographic), the films participate in the promotion of heritage, with both the public and expert audiences.

In 2004, a boat covered by many layers of sediment emerges at the bottom of the Rhone ... No one could imagine that one of the best preserved boats from Roman times had just been discovered... Ranked rapidly as a National Treasure, the barge is the subject of a highly important archaeological project.
Kaleo was chosen to film all stages of the excavation and restoration from 2011 to 2013.
Shooting involves complex phases requiring the mobilization of substantial resources (Class 2B cameramen and divers).
The approach to production has been constructed around the issues of the project, while seeking a dramatic feel to sequences to define an epic style. The archaeological hypotheses gradually emerge in the tumult of the site.

Director: Lucas Reboul
Videography: Lucas Reboul,Tommy Reboul and Antony Pastor
Underwater images: Exploraction / Yanick and Cedric Gentil
Editing: Lucas Reboul / Antony Pastor
Music: Maxime Ferrieu
Voiceover: Philippe Capelle
Kaleo - Prades le lez - France - 2012 all rights reserved