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Kadist Artist Interviews

Park Chan-Kyong

In conversation with curator Hyunjin Kim, Artist and filmmaker Park Chan-Kyong introduces "Citizen’s Forest", a video installation dealing with folk shamanism, mourning and politics. Evoking figures such as poet Kim Soo-young, Minjung painters Oh Yoon and Min Juing-gi, Park simultaneously addresses spirituality and history.

Directed by Hyunjin Kim and Louis Pierre-Lacouture
Translation by Hyeyoun Eunice Choi
Produced with the help of Marie Martraire, Shona Findlay and Kukje Gallery

Park Chan-kyong, "Citizen's Forest", 2016
three-channel video, black and white, ambisonic sound, 26 min 6 sec

Courtesy of Art Sonje Center and Kukje Gallery
Acknowledgement to Taipei Biennial 2016