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JUSTKIDS: GREEN CANDY Art Action Fayetteville, AR

Global creative house Justkids recently took its artistic vision to Fayetteville Arkansas and just released the video coverage of their new public art event Green Candy: an art action aimed to create community conversations around waste and sustainability through interactive and participatory art and produced by Experience fayetteville..

Check out the official Green Candy video and get a closer look at the art displayed at the event.

With this first edition of Green Candy Justkids has brought together a selection of public artworks that deal creatively with themes around waste, ecosystems and sustainability, either through the artist choice of material, the context where the art is situated and/or through their selected iconography. International artists Bordalo II, Ernest Zacharevic, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Marina Zumi, as well as locals Jason Jones and Gina Gallina have now transformed the downtown Fayetteville urban experience with brand new work.

Portuguese thrasher sensation Bordalo II, who just opened his larger solo show to date last week in Lisbon, contributed with a large scale exempt sculpture made out of local trash titled Deer Half Deer. The piece - assembled in less than 3 days - depicts the local fauna mid-battle and is located in the front yard of the city’s historic Walker Stone House. Brazilian collective Bicicleta Sem Freio took over the interior of the historical building, creating a tropical environment. Meanwhile, argentinian Marina Zumi paid homage to micro and macro balance with a large scale rendering of her cosmic beehives produced in tune to the recent eclipse. Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic playfully depicted local fauna, now displaced to the urban ecosystem of Downtown Fayetteville. Local Northwest Arkansas artists Jason Jones also joined the lineup with a bold statement piece, greeting city bikers on the scenic urban bike trail, as well as Gina Gallina with a giant yarn installation piece.

Green Candy ran parallel to Fayetteville Roots Festival, a celebrated event whose amazing efforts to leave 0 carbon footprint are a highlight and model for all cultural productions.
n Art Action aimed to create community conversations around waste and sustainability through engaging art projects. Justkids has conceptualized and curated in this first edition for the city of Fayetteville, inviting local and international artists to explore, formally and thematically, themes of humans relationship with the environment through inspiring and edifying art.

Internationally recognized artists that joined the roster for this pioneer event are; Bordalo (Portugal), whose main media to create his artwork is discarded materials found on cities dumpsters, landfills and recycling centers; Malaysian based Ernest Zacharevic (Lithuania) who creates beautiful and compelling murals that encourage spectator’s eyes to consider the hidden magic in their urban ecosystems; Brazilian wonder duo Bicicleta Sem Freio whose bucolic and colorful graphic style brings the essence of primal life to urban landscapes; & Marina Zumi (Argentina) whose public and studio work considers the importance of natural and cosmic balance. As a result of an open request for proposals, notable NorthWest Arkansas artists Gina Gallina and Jason Jones will also be creating site specific street pieces in Downtown Fayetteville.

See more of the process in our Instagram: @justkidsofficial