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AMC // Concert For Sandy Relief

How does a company create over 1,000 versions of a spot for 100+ channels worldwide to promote quite possibly the biggest concert event of all time in 10 days?

They don’t sleep, that’s how.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers, New Jerseyans, and all others affected by the storm in the Tri-State area banded together to provide comfort and support to one another. A benefit concert, featuring some of the most legendary acts of all time, was planned to raise funds for those still struggling months after the storm.

This would be no ordinary concert. In an attempt to reach the largest audience, it was decided that the show would not run on one channel, but rather, be multicast on multiple networks and locations around the globe. AMC, HBO, IFC, and MSG were among the countless channels worldwide to broadcast the show.

However, the work did not stop at making one version of the spot for each channel.

First, we developed the creative concept to drive the spot. It was vital that the campaign highlighted the interconnectivity of the world leading up to the reveal of the concert at Madison Square Garden. This would be reflected in various satellite shots of beautifully lit night cityscapes to accompany each respective artist until we eventually arrive at Madison Square Garden.

We then put together a fantastic team of designers, compositors, and editors to see this vision through. The team worked tirelessly with overnight shifts in order to deliver multiple versions of the finished job in time. It was a challenging, yet rewarding back and forth, and ultimately an honor to work on a project that would give aid to our neighbors and communities.”

We’d like to thank our collaborators on this tremendous undertaking, the amazing teams at AMC Networks and Digital Arts.

To make a donation to the Sandy Relief Fund through the Robin Hood Foundation please visit

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