Bring Life to Light

The patented Brokeh Lighting System breaks the visible spectrum apart to make geometric color patterns for lighting. These colors mix back together on the photographic subject making the lighting look much more natural, Faces are more glamorous, with smother flesh tones and an overall thinning effect. Brokeh Lighting looks more honest as compared to the artificial effect of homogenous lighting sources.

  1. Intro to Brokeh: Bring life to light

    This comprehensive video explains how the Brokeh Lighting System uses the colors of the spectrum on existing soft lights to enhance the look of faces.

  2. Brokeh FSK Pattern to mimic Church

    The Brokeh FSK pattern (Facial Stage Key) is a versatile pattern designed for use with Fresnels on multi-camera sets lit from a grid.

    But as with most of the Brokeh patterns, you can create many different looks. By using a Fresnel light using minimal diffusion you can create dynamic zones of color for your actors to move through. This can be especially helpful when lighting large areas and wanting to project a backlight from a distance.

    The FSK in this example is used as a key light to create the ambience of the interior of a church.