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Camp Hollywood Films

Original, professionally produced short films featuring our students and campers at John D'Aquino's Camp Hollywood.

The Incident

CAMP HOLLYWOOD 2018 Short Film!

Filmed over 2 days, edited in 4!

Premiered on July 28th at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA.

SYNOPSIS: After an explosion during the Wimble School of the Talented and Gifted Science Fair, Principal Wade interrogates ten students to get to the bottom of it.

Lauren Clark as Vicki Valentine
Ava Graddy as Candace Collins
Sydney Lovering as Paula Prentice
Avery Koenig as Billie Jean Brown
Platon Gorokh as Dave Dunlap
Breylenn Hayden as Nancy Nickerson
Nina-Marie Petipas as Emma Edison
Jake Satow as Jack Jackson
Harrison Goytia as Freddie Feldman
Lana White as Ann Allison
Carmen Scott as Mary Vega
DeMorge Brown as Principal Wade

Written by Jack Thomas
Directed by Keylee and Micah Sudduth
Director of Photography: Dan Finlayson
Produced by Emily Reas
Executive Producer: John D'Aquino
Bob Billiams Productions and First Dog Corp

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