Blackmagic Cinema Camera - John Brawley


Wow. I’ve had a lot of traffic over the last couple of days ! There’s a huge amount of interest in the camera !

I’ve been given the green light to reveal another clip. This is from another early shoot, again with a prototype camera. If you look carefully you’ll notice some stuck pixels, but what’s really exciting here is the dynamic range ! You can clearly see out the window and the levels inside were a fair bit down on that. There’s still fine detail in the darker fabric of her dress as well.

Also there’s a lot of fine detail here. You can see the individual hairs on the right hand side of her head, and there’s great detail in her skin (Sorry Leah !)

Once again, I graded this myself so in the hands of someone more skilled in Resolve could do a lot better !

Our talent, Leah, was lit by a single 1.2K HMI through a frame of 216 on camera right. I had a 4×4 Poly doing a passive bounce from camera left and a bit of anti- fill between me and the poly.