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Not Now John

Created By Joey Sinko

  1. NOT NOW JOHN - Chapter 29

    NOT NOW JOHN | Chapter 29 | "A Fallen Comrade: John Cassavetes"
    As John Grimm continues to wait on news for the role of Eugene O'Neill, he seeks camaraderie at the gravesite of his personal hero from times past, John Cassavetes.

    [Note: Some video titles were attended for Annotations on youtube, please ignore those titles & enjoy on Vimeo.]

  2. NOT NOW JOHN - Chapter 30

    NOT NOW JOHN | Chapter 30 | "THE FINAL CUT?"

    John Grimm's psyche is challenged after experiencing numerous confrontations and a heated argument with an old friend. Soon he is faced with the choice to abandon Hollywood after receiving unsettling news while on a carousel. Unsure of what the future holds, John must quickly make a decision.