Cellular automata are discrete mathematical models that can be expressed through intuitive visual forms. They can be considered as abstract models of computation, as data representations, and as simply relaxing pretty pictures. The automata here fall mostly into the third category, with hints of other things. These automatons have two or three spatial dimensions and temporal dimension. Two-dimensional automata are presented as-is. Three-dimensional automata have been projected into two dimensions.

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Awake in the Unfolding Implicate

A pandaemonium of thoughts swirl and eddy about the brain. Subjective reality is malleable and requires an orchestrating, ordering thought to maintain a steady path. The pressure of the thought wave spreads outward and forces the subjective reality to codify itself.

All that exists unfolds in the dreamer's mind to the steady rhythm of consciousness bursting through activating electrochemical passageways. The beat of the drum of time is the metronomic backbone of reality. The landscape of the dream grows vivid stretched across time's frozen skeleton.

Every part is a piece of a bigger whole, and the whole is replicated in each part. The unfolding of the deepest implicate layer reveals the explicate in panoply.

But the primeval state of the grand machine is occluded through time by the carven lattice that is our reality. The cognitive pattern engine spins reasoning for its audient captive and the primeval state is forgotten.

We are separated from the implicate by a barrier formed of our own conscious minds. The self-reflective apparatus builds a navigator for the tangled maze of the world that is blind to its hidden intricacies. The effective universal aegis obscures the enfolded nature of reality.

Is the barrier permeable? Can it become thin and liminal? The subjective and the objective meet somewhere deep in a cascading rain falling toward the minima of a transient bubble suspended in abyssal infinity, and the psychosphere it guards gently sleeps under a red-litten cathode sky.

Each one is what all are.