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Jesus: According to Scripture

3. In Him: The Unimaginable

Are you hungry to have insights into God’s Word? The apostles are our model. Do you ever wonder how Paul came to his wonderful insights into our identity in Christ? If you’re like most believers you think the Holy Spirit showed him things that had never been revealed in the scripture. The truth is Paul’s revelation of our identity in Christ was right there in the scriptures all along. He read and meditated on those scriptures while listening to the voice of God in his heart. Revelation is not when God shows you something that is not in the scripture. Revelation is when God shows you something in the scripture that you have not been able to see because of your personal opinions! A revelation always brings the power we need to live in that revelation. Want to change your world? Join me as we discover how to open our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to become our personal teacher.

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