Quarantined Faith: Trailer

This is the 3-minute trailer for the documentary film QUARANTINED FAITH.
The full film is linked at: vimeopro.com/jennlindsay/quarantinedfaith (password: neelix)

When religion is suspended, do as the Romans do!

During the COVID-19 quarantine in Italy, religious gatherings are suspended. How do Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Protestant and Buddhist Romans cope with losing connection with their communities and traditions at a time they need them most? Featuring interviews with religious leaders and laypeople who explain how their communities “virtually” observed Passover, Easter, and Ramadan this year in Rome, this documentary is a testament to how they maintain resilience and connectedness, and how the crisis has called them to draw more deeply on their spiritual resources.

The filmmaker is Dr. Jenn Lindsay, an American social scientist and documentary filmmaker who has been crafting ethnographic research and compelling visual stories about social and religious diversity since 1998. Dr. Lindsay is based in Rome, Italy, and teaches as a Lecturer in Sociology and Communications at John Cabot University, Saint John's University, and the University of California Education Abroad Program. See JennLindsay.com for more.

Contact: lindsay.jenn@gmail.com
+39 347 459 5994

Quarantined Faith Trailer

Quarantined Faith Trailer

The full film is linked at vimeopro.com/jennlindsay/quarantinedfaith
(password: neelix).

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