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Jenn Lindsay: Documentary Films and Videos

Dr. Jenn Lindsay is a social scientist and documentary filmmaker who has been crafting compelling stories about social and religious diversity since 2005. She is based in Rome, Italy, and teaches as a Lecturer in Sociology and Communications at John Cabot University, Saint John's University, and the University of California Education Abroad Program.

She completed her PhD in the Social Science of Religion at Boston University in 2018. She holds a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in New York City, a BA in playwriting from Stanford University, and a certificate in arts management from Yale School of Drama. In 2017 she completed a Master course in Sociology from Università Roma Tre.

As a social scientist, Jenn specializes in the study of religious difference and interfaith dialogue.

For a decade prior to graduate study, Jenn worked in the film and music industries as a composer, film editor, performer and documentary filmmaker. Her ten studio albums are available on Spotify, iTunes and at

Dr. Jenn can be contacted via

Pluralismo Vivo: The Cartoon

What is interreligious dialogue? How does it help relationships across social divides? In Rome, the headquarters of the Vatican, how does interreligious dialogue work between Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and Protestant communities?

This multimedia animation aims to explain "Pluralismo Vivo"--how religious pluralism is lived out in the lives of everyday Romans.

Pluralismo Vivo--The Cartoon is an animation of my PhD dissertation for Boston University. March 2018.

This is the revised and most current version. (Fine Cut)



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