Minding Shadows: A Documentary Film by Jenn Lindsay

This is the current trailer for the in-progress documentary film "Minding Shadows" by Jenn Lindsay. The film is still in production.

For more information please contact the Producer-Director Jenn Lindsay at jlindsay@johncabot.edu. See jennlindsay.com.

LOGLINE: A 13-year-old boy survives the 1994 Rwandan genocide and decides to take revenge by learning the deadliest form of karate. Instead, he has a profound experience of peace and discipline, and it changes him forever.

This documentary film follows Venerable Sangharakkita, a Buddhist monk and survivor of the Rwandan genocide, as he travels through Africa and Europe seeking peace in a troubled world, fighting for asylum, and building a new life in Germany.

Filmed in Rwanda, Uganda, and throughout Europe, this is a story about universal questions:
How do we forgive those who have gravely wronged us?
How can we be free of our rage, regret and shame?
How can we become balanced individuals who are able to embrace all parts of our complicated pasts and inner turmoil?

This film follows a person who journeyed out of a profound darkness toward the light, a person who is far from perfect himself, who has learned to bring others with him on his journey. The film teaches that life is not perfect and neither are we—but that is no reason not to experience joy and to taste bliss.

Production of Minding Shadows began in June 2017 with filming in Rwanda and Uganda. In Fall 2017 production continued in Austria and Italy. Final filming will be coordinated in Germany once the COVID-19 crisis allows. An approximate goal for festival release is Fall 2022, depending on the location of completion funds.



Minding Shadows: a Documentary Film by Jenn Lindsay (trailer)

5 minute work sample of the in-progress documentary film Minding Shadows by Jenn Lindsay.

This documentary follows a Rwandan Buddhist monk whose story offers a portrait of resilience, courage, and wisdom. This journey from devastation to enlightenment tells the story of how a survivor of genocide becomes a Buddhist monk to pursue peace and help other people conquer their traumas.

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