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Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion

The Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion is the branch of the Center for Mind and Culture that conducts non-partisan research focused on the scientific study of religion, combining:

* the sciences of brains and bodies (e.g. neuroscience, cognitive psychology, evolutionary biology, medicine),
* the sciences of culture (e.g. sociology, anthropology, political economy, history), and
* the computational sciences (e.g. modeling and simulation, semantic network analysis, machine learning, analysis of massive datasets).

Our websites are here:

These videos are all created and published by
Center for Mind and Culture documentarian Jenn Lindsay, Ph.D.


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Dimensions of Spirituality with Results (post-Vienna cut)

This is the "Dimensions of Spirituality" video with results added (post-Vienna cut).

Filmmaker Jenn Lindsay, a PhD Candidate in the Graduate Division of Religious Studies at Boston University, uses documentary film techniques to explore and explain the Institute’s various research projects. Through scenes in research labs, interviews with research scientists, explorations of the campus and surrounding city, and glimpses into religious communities in various locations, the film touches on many discussions. It broaches the scientific study of religion; interdisciplinary research; the complexity of “religion” as a study object; the dialogues between religion and science; the limits of science; and the value of scientific approaches to religious practice, communities, and human behavior.

The film's debut screening was August 2015 in Vienna, Austria at the International Congress on Science and Religion. A Q&A panel featuring founding director of IBCSR and Vienna Congress keynote speaker Dr. Wesley J. Wildman followed.

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