onBeing is a video project I made while I worked at The Washington Post. It's based on the simple notion that we should all get to know one another a little better. You'll find video portraits that introduce you to the musings, passions and quirks of all sorts of people. Every week I interviewed and put a spotlight on one new person and the onBeing community grew. I hope you enjoy meeting these folks and thanks for stopping by! -- Jenn

onBeing: Bailey

To the utter dismay of my mother and sister, and in spite of their numerous attempts, I've always refused any form of schooling in the art of makeup. This miniseries might have been born out of a response to the many years they spent nagging me to "just put some on!!" Though apparently I needed it, what was the big deal? I have to say that by the time I finished editing the videos for this mini-series, I had gone from being pretty annoyed by makeup's role in my life, to downright respectful of the stuff. Unfortunately for my mother and sister, I still don't wear it. -Jenn