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This portfolio contains examples of JGP's Documentary videos

Frog, Chemical, Water, You

Amphibians are indicator species. Because of their sensitive permeable skin, scientists use amphibians to gauge the overall health of the worldwide ecosystem that we all share. So, with nearly half of the world's amphibian populations in decline, we're all potentially in big trouble.

Frog, Chemical, Water, You is a17-minute high definition video commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution for exhibit at the National Zoo. At a level both appropriate for tweens and appealing for adults this short quirky movie examines the impact that chemicals contaminants play in worldwide amphibian declines and some simple things you can start doing to reduce your chemical footprint today.

What could easily be a complicated and depressing topic, director, Jennifer Grace treats with an investigative attitude, colorful graphics, and even humor. You'll be amazed at how much you learned and how much fun you had learning it.

Winner of The Emmy Foundations College Television award for Best Children's Program, The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival's Non-Broadcast, The International Wildlife Film Festival's Best Newcomer, and HATCHfest's Hybridlife award. Also official selection of American Conservation FF, Kids FIrst! FF, Tallahassee FF, The Far North FF, and the Environmental FF.



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