Jeffory Asselin

A collection of works produced by multi award winning West Australian producer/director/writer Jeffory Asselin.

  1. No More Nyumree - Infomercial

    The No more nyumree program is a culturally appropriate support program to help Aboriginal people quit smoking. It is run by the Wheatbelt Aboriginal Health Service in Northam, Western Australia (WA). It provides free nicotine replacement therapy, as well as individual and group support. This program won the 2012 WA Alcohol and Other Drug award in the 'Aboriginal' category.

  2. PINCH Movie Screener (2015)

    A light-fingered teen attempts to rip off a major drug syndicate to pay for his Mother's life saving surgery.

    PINCH is the directorial debut feature film by West Australian Writer/Director/Producer Jeffory Asselin and won BEST FEATURE FILM and BEST ORIGINAL MUSIC at the 27th West Australian Screen Awards in 2015.