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The Sultana Remembered Documentary Teaser

I invested my own money to produce a teaser for the Sultana Kckstarter Campaign. We raised over $110,000 to product a documentary on the Sultana Disaster. This was filmed on a Canon C300.

This brief overview of the upcoming Sultana documentary video outlines the events of the disaster and features a number of Sultana experts as well as stories from descendants of those who lived, and those who died, in the disaster.
Most people are familiar with the Titanic, but very few are acquainted with the Steamboat Sultana, the largest maritime disaster in American History. It happened on April 27, 1865; a Mississippi Steamboat named Sultana exploded, killing over 1600 souls aboard. Exploding, burning, and eventually sinking outside of Memphis, the steamboat carried newly released POW’s returning home after surviving the horrors of Civil War prison camps, Andersonville and Cahaba. The disaster isn’t just tragic because of the number of victims. It isn’t just tragic because greed-driven men squeezed over 2000 desperate travelers onto a vessel rated to carry only 365. The Sultana disaster is tragic because it was covered-up, downplayed, and ultimately forgotten. Greed, drama, and humanity make the Sultana Disaster a story to remember. Please help us remember the Sultana and elevate this story from the freezing depths of The Civil War Mississippi to the hearts and minds of American’s everywhere.

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