Deceptions 13 year anniversary, PG13

Everyone starts somewhere and I hope you take the time to watch my very first short film in its entirety. I produced Deceptions in 2004, so keep that in mind as you watch it. We acquired the footage in standard definition using a Sony PD150. The cast and crew worked for snacks, drinks, and pizza. The entire short was shot on location over a couple of weekends. It was my first real effort at telling a narrative story and despite it’s shortcomings, I am still proud of it. I am proud of the costumes and set design; we invested a lot of time visually defining the characters. I am proud of the cinematography; the camera angles and movements really contributed to the story. I am proud of the talent; they volunteered their time to make it happen. I am proud of the crew; they did a fantastic job with props, audio, equipment, and no budget. I am proud of this film because it reminds me of how far I have come.

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