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JBT Automated Systems

JBT automation solutions provide advanced robotic automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs) for material handling in manufacturing & warehouse facilities.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Applications for the Food Industry

Whether you're familiar with automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) or the larger JBT food processing equipment line, our AGV solutions provide a positive impact on your business. Our robotic vehicle systems safely, efficiently, and automatically move your products. By handling all of your routine material movements, AGVs promote a cleaner environment. The AGV applications suitable for the food industry span the length of your facility. In the warehouse, they interface with racking, perform block stacks, and pick and drop from conveyors and stands. AGVs offload raw materials from trailers, deliver them to the production line, move work-in-process, load or unload batch retort sterilizers, and store finished goods. From palletizers to stretch wrappers, stretch wrappers to storage or shipping, empty pallets to palletizers, and packaging materials to point-of-use, AGVs tackle any of your routine movements, including trailer loading of finished goods.

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