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Selected Webinars 2016 to 2018

These are unedited webinars on meditation practice, Buddhist philosophy and psychology, and inner development. Jason Siff gives some of his clearest descriptions of Recollective Awareness Meditation practice in these webinars.

  1. Feb 24 2018 Webinar Part One

    This webinar focuses on how Recollective Awareness Meditation practice may enter into one's daily life.

  2. Feb 24 2018 Part Two: Speech

    This part of the webinar focuses on speech, writing, and communication outside of meditation.

  3. Vipassana Samatha Webinar Part 1A

    This is a video of a webinar Jason Siff gave on November 18, 2017. The topic is Vipassana and Samatha meditation practices and how they are integrated in Recollective Awareness Meditation.

  4. Recollective Awareness and Mindfulness

    This is the opening talk Jason Siff gave during his recent webinar on this topic. It is unedited.

  5. Working with Projections Part One

    Webinar on working with projections from August 2017.

  6. March 19 Equanimity Part 1A

    This video was made of Jason Siff's recent webinar on Equanimity. It has not been edited.