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Gröna Kulle building projection

Documentation video of the spectacular building projektion on Gröna Kulle in Katrineholm Sweden.
The show reflects in a playful way some of the things that you find in Katrineholm now and in the past.

Client – Katrineholms municipality
Jan Brånå – concept, director, 3D-graphics
Daniel Swahn – 3D-graphics
Miko Söderlund – 2D-graphics
Peter Wiberg – Soundtrack and fireworks music
Dance on balcony – Ilda Mujkic and Josefine Eliasson from DuD
Children drawings – Kulturskolan
Thomas Di Leva – Vi har bara varandra performed by Team Gabriel
Don Johnston – Run of the miller. The train station music
Marielle Lázár and Calle Sterner – Dance at the train station
Special thanks to – Lars Halvarsson at Duveholmsgymnasiet and Annicka Halvarsson at DuD
Film production – Eyebrite
Technical production on location – Mediatec
Displaysystem – Dataton Watchout