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A collaboration between Choreographer & Director - Constant Vigier and Curator & Producer - Jamiel Laurence

“16 Takes, coming together as 1...”

Ahead of the Lockdown of 2020, Choreographer Constant Vigier had planned to work with a large group of dancers to develop some movement ideas using visual devices, patterns, and formations.

However, with only himself available, Vigier used his mobile device and a collaborative Production & Curation process with Dance Filmmaker Jamiel Laurence to capture and duplicate himself in order to fulfil the essence of the idea on screen.

7 collaborative dance shorts have so far been released, tailored to the Instagram social media format, and released worldwide. The project has so far engaged 7 Dance Artists, led to evolutions on the idea for other platforms and worked safely throughout lockdown with dancers, brands and recording artists.

Two further works in the collaborative series have so far been shot and are due for release in Q2 2021.

The 16:1 series received public praise from Alexei Ratmansky for being one of the only lockdown video dances that “Actually Worked.”

BEER with #FundFreelanceDance + Beer52

#FundFreelanceDance has teamed up with Craft Beer online subscription service, BEER52 to produce a short filmed dance work for their upcoming Xmas Cyberfest 2020.

After commissioning a work from founder & filmmaker Jamiel Laurence in the style of the ongoing collaborative 16:1 series with Constant Vigier, #FundFreelanceDance has selected recent Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduate and freelance dancer, Russell Nokes to dance the roles of a Stout, IPA, Lager & Sour beer.

#FundFreelanceDance continues to explore ways to get #freelance dance artists and their supporting artists & services back into the studio, returned to their craft and working again on paid engagements; with this year's graduate students hit hard right at the beginning of their careers.

Thank you for joining us in directly supporting the creation of tangible opportunities, paid at industry standard rates for our struggling Dance Artists.



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