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Northfield--10 Days of Prayer New England Roughcuts

Two roughcuts of the 10 Days of Prayer New England gathering on D. L. Moody's Northfield campus in October, 2016. One a long version, another shortened. (Shot and edited by James Ault. Music by Jetro da Silva and Zenzo Matoga. Archival photos courtesy of the Northfield Mount Hermon School Archives.)

New Life at Moody's Northfield (short)

I filmed this 10 Days of Prayer gathering on D.L. Moody's Northfield campus in October 2016 and connected it with archival photos of important world church work which went on there for generations. It was also an occasion where the launch of a new Moody Center on the campus was being explained by representatives of the National Christian Foundation. (For more, visit: Soon after I completed this video it was announced that, in addition, the Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA, will be opening an East Coast branch on the Northfield campus beginning in the fall of 2019. For a longer version of this video (21:00) click here:

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