1. Using the Panasonic AG-CX350 to film performances

    Director/Videographer/Editor: Cate van den Beemt
    Producer/Trainer: Jacquie Greff

  2. Bridging the Gap, Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland

    Bridging the Gap by the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland was designed to train new volunteer attorneys on the kinds of problems they might expect when helping pro bono clients that would not occur with clients with funds. Video by Tonal Vision, Jacquie Greff Producer.

  3. Dianne Glasscoe Watterson

    Sharpening dental instruments

  4. Port City Equipment

    Hydraulic quick-loading 1,65 gallon brine-spraying system

  5. Dr. Kenneth Carle

    Seminar introduction for Stem Cell Centers, Towson, MD

  6. DIY Recording Tips: 2. Microphone Basics

    Watch and listen carefully - actual microphone demonstrations included!

    Videographers often don't expect to record the same quality of sound as a recording studio, but their audio can sound much better if they understand microphones. In this video, Kraig Greff discusses when and how to use the Sennheiser 416 shotgun, Schoeps, Audio-Technica 831b lavalier, Electro-Voice PL11 dynamic, Audio-Technica 4033 condenser and Crown PZM boundary microphones.