1. "Wagon Wheel" Travis Minnick Band

  2. "She Loves Her Alligator"

    This music video by The Crawdaddies to promote their album "Lagniappe: was inspired by Kraig's dog, Joey and her favorite toy. This music video captures the magic of the dog's feelings and imagination as well as featuring the mystical swamp creatures featured on the album's cover.

    Music: "She Loves Her Alligator" by The Crawdaddies
    Composers: Kraig B. Greff and Chris Huntington
    Producer: Jacquie Greff
    Script: Frank V. Tybush V
    Digital art: Daniela Sambataro

  3. "Hey Pretty Girl" City Line Kids

  4. Bachelor's Lament (Since "She" Came Along)

    Music video by Maryland singer/songwriter Douglas Warden lamenting how friends disappear once they tie the knot. Video by Tonal Vision; Jacquie Greff, producer/videographer. Music recorded and video shot at Omega Studio, Rockville, MD.

  5. "Rap the Gap" (edit only)

    Editing by Tonal Vision

  6. The Crawdaddies' "Love That Natty Boh"

    Set to "Love That Natty Boh" composed by Chris Huntington, performed by The Crawdaddies and mastered by Kraig Greff, this animated music video features shots of the band and the Crawdaddies' mascot. Animation by Tonal Vision's Blake Rolen. This video won 3 bronze Peer Awards in 2009.