1. The Revivalist Video Flashback

    The Revivalist video flashback filmed at Rams Head Live on March 23, 2017.

  2. "Wagon Wheel" Travis Minnick Band

  3. James M. Bennett Rock & Roll Revival 2018

  4. Chamber Encounters teaser

  5. Jesse Palidofsky CD Release

  6. Trionfo per L'Assunzione della Santissima Vergine

    Georgetown University students and a chamber ensemble of local professionals performed Trionfo per l'Assunzione della Santissima Vergine ("Triumph of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin") in Italian (with English translations provided) for the first time since 1705 in December 2009. The lost oratorio was discovered, translated, and brought to life again by Anthony R. DelDonna, assistant professor of musicology at Georgetown University. A native of Naples, he is a specialist in Neapolitan music, musicians, and culture. He co-edited The Cambridge Companion to 18th-Century Opera. The video was produced by Tonal Vision, Jacquie Greff/producer/videographer/editor.