This portfolio shows samples of Tonal Vision animations.

  1. "Sip Your Coffee" Lyric Video

    "Sip Your Coffee" was originally composed for the independent film, "The Gift" a film by Alex Genievsky, and this video is reedited from that filming, with the lyrics added recently. Thanks to Frank Tybush for his suggestions regarding this video, especially for the idea to feature Tami Lee Santimyer signing in ASL throughout.

    "The Gift" is a story of kindness, tragicomedy, communication barriers and love. It centers around a couple, Iron (a hearing musician) and Tara (a deaf dancer). Iron rescues Tara from a train accident and falls in love with her. But it is a star-crossed love because Tara expects Iron to understand her by learning to sign, and this is something he finds difficult. The film also sheds light on American Sign Language and some technology (Cochlear Implant) that is controversial in the Deaf community. The plot ends with a tragicomic twist turning upside down the relationship between Tara and Iron.

    Total play time: 53 minutes
    Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
    Language: English
    Subtitles & Captions: English

    The film stars Steven Quinn as Iron, Tami Lee Santimyer as Tara and Daniel Wyland as Carb. It was produced by Alexander Genievsky, Jacqueline Greff and Frank Tybush. A complete list of credits is available at:

    Watch online at:
    Official web site: universalsignentertainment.wor...
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  2. Southeast Ministry logo animation

    Animation created by Jacquie Greff for Southeast Ministry, DC