This portfolio shows samples of Tonal Vision animations.

  1. BOP Pizza's Animated Chef

    The BOP is located on Lancaster & Broadway in Fell's Point, Baltimore, MD. They had the rights to a chef illustration and wanted a promotional video for their restaurant to show off the variety of dishes they serve. Tonal Vision produced this video for them. Mike Pinkin animated the Chef and Jacquie Greff produced the spot. The in-store video has no sound -- Kraig Greff's music was added to this demo afterward.

  2. The Hair Tutorial

  3. "Gumby Dance" Lyric Video

    This song was inspired by former Crawdaddy, Chris Snyder, who Kraig thinks looks like Gumby. Kraig imagined Chris becoming trapped in Gumby's shape, unable to escape.

    Kraig Greff: composer, accordion, electric piano & Hammond
    Jacquie Greff: writer, animator
    Brian Forte: vocals
    Debbie Kirkland: background vocals
    Guitar: Chris Huntington
    Drums: Rod Gross
    Bass: Dan Hones
    Images: Shutterstock

  4. Kraig Greff "The Trooper" on Accordion

    Kraig B. Greff performs a parody of the original heavy metal Iron Maiden song on accordion (

    Kraig Greff: arranger/performer
    Frank Ayd: audio engineer
    Frank L. Tybush V: video concept & direction
    Jacquie Greff: producer, videographer/editor
    Ginger & Joey Greff: battle scene
    Trooper/Kraig head adapted by FLTV

  5. Memories of the Warsaw Ghetto

    Told through the memories and drawings of little Genio and narrated by family friend, Bernard Bragg, “Memories of the Warsaw Ghetto” is a docudrama film about a boyhood resident of that Ghetto. Deafened early in the war, Genio and his family struggle to survive persecution in Nazi occupied Poland. Behind the Ghetto wall, they find a community of people who refuse to let the Germans strip them of their identity. A community that keeps their culture, their family, and their love alive. But the Germans are determined to destroy them, and their determination is deadly.

  6. The Little Mouse

    A new take on the traditional demo reel, featured on, this story was inspired by Kraig Greff's unusual piano rendition of Three Blind Mice. It features professional actress Katherine Hearn. Additional performers include Thomas Olson, Lewis H. Diuguid, Christopher Everett, Kraig B. Greff, Kay Hogan, Daniel Hones, Bonnie Kasperek, Andrew Lewis, Gaye Olson Kim Shapiro and Chris Snyder. This short film was written & directed by Frank Tybush. Jacquie Greff was the Producer, Production Manager, Director of Photography and editor. In addition to his appearances as the pianist and purveyor of the Mouse-A-Cutioner, Kraig B. Greff provided production sound, original music, arrangements and audio postproduction. In addition to her performances in the TV horror scene and as a member of the H.A.R.M. audience, Bonnie Kasperek was a sound and lighting technician and production assistant. Kim Shapiro and Chris Snyder also assisted with sound, lighting and production. Blake Rolen designed and animated the Little Mouse. The video was shot at The Vagabond Theater in Fell's Point, courtesy of Ann Mainolfi, in Tonal Vision's studio with our Steinway Model D grand piano, and in the kitchen and living room of Kim Shapiro and Mike Pierce.

    Videos featured in the film include Georgetown University's "Six Characters in Search of an Author", American Opera Theater's "Acis + Galatea", Upper falls Dance Academy's "Hollywood", Full Circle Dance Company's "Circle Back: TENFOLD", The Crawdaddies' animated logo and "Life of Riley" music video, the Pro Bono Resource Center's "Bridging the Gap" training video, Douglas Warden's "Bachelor's Lament" music video, Dianne Glasscoe Watterson's "Sharpening Dental Instruments", a webcast by The Exeter Group produced by Parker Events, and Fell's Point Main Street's "Privateer Day".