This portfolio shows samples of Tonal Vision animations.

  1. "The Dog Park"

    Music: Kraig B. Greff
    Vocals: Brian Simms
    Animation: Jacquie Greff
    Original artwork: Daniela Sambataro & Shutterstock

  2. Support the Maryland 100% Clean Renewable Energy & Equity Act

    Vote YES on Maryland's "100% Clean Renewable Energy & Equity Act" - a Chesapeake PSR-supported initiative. This video provides reasons why.

    This video is a pro bono production of Tonal Vision LLC: Jacquie Greff, producer; Mya Montgomery, scriptwriter; Kraig B. Greff, music & audio; Dee Sambataro, animation; Alex Carle, narration. In 2020, it won a TIVA Peer Award Bronze in the category of Pro Bono. (See

  3. Jacquie's Mission

    A short adventure in the life of Jacquie & Kraig.

    Producer: Jacquie Greff
    Writer/director: Frank Tybush
    Music & audio: Kraig Greff
    Art & animation: Daniella Sambataro
    Finishing animation: Jacquie Greff
    Dance inspiration & consultation: Kim Shapiro

  4. Scottish Rite Biennial Meeting Opener

    This video opened the Scottish Rite Biennial Meeting on Monday, August 21, 2017 at the Washington Hilton, Washington, DC.

    Producer: Jacquie Greff
    Sound effects: Kraig Greff
    Creative Director: Frank Tybush
    Artwork: Daniela Sambataro
    Additional video and still images: Shutterstock
    International Space Station After Effects Template: MotionElements

  5. "She Loves Her Alligator"

    This music video by The Crawdaddies to promote their album "Lagniappe: was inspired by Kraig's dog, Joey and her favorite toy. This music video captures the magic of the dog's feelings and imagination as well as featuring the mystical swamp creatures featured on the album's cover.

    Music: "She Loves Her Alligator" by The Crawdaddies
    Composers: Kraig B. Greff and Chris Huntington
    Producer: Jacquie Greff
    Script: Frank V. Tybush V
    Digital art: Daniela Sambataro

  6. History at Risk Season 4 Teaser

    "History at Risk" is a reality/documentary series that follows filmmaker Frank Tybush, as he searches out and interviews everyday heroes in their work to keep Americans in touch with their history. Produced by Jacquie Greff, Tonal Vision LLC. Music by Kraig Greff.

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