How to Build a School in Haiti

A feature length documentary about the construction of an elementary school in rural Villard, Haiti.

How to Build a School in Haiti - Preview

How can building a school ever be a bad thing?

In the rural Haitian town of Villard, Principal Anselme Saimplice holds classes in the local church. He wanted a new school building for his students, but couldn't do it alone.

Tim Myers, a retired contractor from America, believed education was the key to helping Haitians achieve a better life. After building a school there, he’s not so sure.

HOW TO BUILD A SCHOOL IN HAITI is about that school.

The film documents the construction from inception to beyond completion, takes an unflinching look at the difficulties of economic development and puts a face on developing world poverty by illustrating the impact the new school has on the community.

As first heard on NPR’s Planet Money.

Director - Jack C. Newell
Camera - Dinesh Sabu
Editor - Nora Gully



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