Director of Photography / Camera Operator

The Fool - You lost me | 2016

Based on original character and performance art created by: Lindsey Marks (Lady Jack | Lindsey Marks)
Story concept by: Lindsey Marks and Stephanie Marie Schultz
Additional story development by: Andy Ramsey and Jason Kraynek
Written by: Lindsey Marks and Andy Ramsey

Director and Editor: Andy Ramsey
Director of Photography and Colorist: Jason Kraynek
Choreographer: Lady Jack | Lindsey Marks
Wardrobe Stylists: Stephanie Marie Schultz and Lindsey Marks
Set Designer: Stephanie Marie Schultz
AC/Grip: Robert Felker
PA: Dan Wasik

The Fool - Lindsey Marks Lady Jack | Lindsey Marks
Showgirl - Eva la Feva
Ringmaster - Joseph Cr Vourteque
Masked Juggler - Brad French
Pole Duo - Anghell (Stanley Escobar) and Ray Gunn
Veil Dancer - Gaea Lady (Andrea Mattson)
Ladies Auxiliary Circus Club - Josephine Shaker, Laura Schofield, Samantha Siren, Deirdre Doll, Ms. B LaRose (Brenda CaBee), Ray Ray Sunshine (Lisa Marie Ray), Stephanie Smith
Singer - Stephanie Marie Schultz
Upright Bass, Guitar - James Frederick Wagner

Original song “You Lost Me”, written by: Christina Aguilera, Sia Furler, Samuel Dixon
Musical Arrangement for “The Fool” by: James Frederick Wagner
“The Fool” Recorded and Produced by: James Frederick Wagner at Strobe Recording in Chicago, IL

Accordion, Piano - Ronnie Kuller
Upright Bass - Jamie Wagner
Drums & Percussion - Larry Beers
Acoustic Lead and Rhythm Guitars - Brian Wilkie
Trumpet & Trombone - Justin Amolsch, Brass Player
Lead Vocals - Stephanie Marie Schultz

CAMERAS – RED Epic Dragon, Canon C100, Sony A7s
LENSES – Canon Cine Primes, Canon L Series, Rokinon
RIG – Cinevate, Atomos Ninja, Wooden Camera, DJI Ronin, Movi, EasyRig, EasyRig Vario 5, RED
LIGHTS – Blind Spot Gear, F&V, Arri, Aputure Light Storm 120t, Photo Bulbs