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Cities of the Future

Water sensitive cities are great places to live, where innovation, social cohesion, creativity and culture flourish. To create sustainable water in cities, all stakeholders need to act to avoid the looming water crisis. We need to share experience and knowledge, and track progress. The Cities of the Future agenda harnesses the power of the IWA network to co-create solutions and join efforts to manage a city’s many waters in a sustainable and resilient manner, an approach endorsed by the IWA Principles for Water Wise Cities.

The conference:
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Urban landscapes valuing water

Kelly Shannon gives a brief summary of keynote presentation about water management case studies in Belgium, Mekong River and Los Angeles. #Embracethewater 2017 in Gothenburg built momentum to the City Leaders Forum focusing on the theme “Water for social inclusion through equitable services and inclusive high quality public spaces” which will convene urban leaders at #developmentcongress.

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