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2017 Water Development Congress

Innovation in leadership: tone at the top will enable achieving SDG6

Eleanor Allen CEO from Water for People brings you the faces of those changing the world. To accelerate our rate of progress and achieve the audacious goal of SDG6, as an industry we need to influence our national leaders to be innovative leaders. This entails having the political will to push for SDG6, finding new financing, creating the enabling environment for change, and developing human capital in water. These four components together will shift our current way of working from developing bespoke water and sanitation (mostly urban) infrastructure and utilities to designing replicable approaches that will work at scale to deliver reliable urban and rural water and sanitation in the countries that still need these services. Achieving SDG6 will improve the quality of life for billions of people and drive economic growth. As an industry, we are in the unique position to be innovative leaders ourselves and make this happen. We can also use our influence to change the sector to operate differently. Transformation leadership in both areas is an imperative if we expect to achieve dramatically different results by 2030, which is required to meet SDG6. Then we will solve the global water and sanitation crisis, once and for all.