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The State of the Evangelical Mind Conference Videos

In September 2017, evangelical scholars gathered at the Sagamore Institute in Indianapolis to discuss the state of the evangelical mind today. The plenary papers are now available in the book "The State of the Evangelical Mind," published by InterVarsity Press and edited by the conference organizers, Todd C. Ream, Jerry Pattengale, and Christopher J. Devers. Papers from parallel sessions have been published in a special issue of "Christian Scholar’s Review" (Summer 2018). The conference was hosted by Indiana Wesleyan University, the Sagamore Institute, Excelsia College, and Christianity Today.

Join the ongoing conversation by watching all the talks and Q&A sessions below. The presenters address recent historical developments and the roles of four types of institutions: churches, parachurch organizations, colleges and universities, and seminaries.

  1. Prospects for the Future: The Future Is Catholic, by James K. A. Smith

    Advances in evangelical scholarship have largely failed to contribute to the renewal of the larger church. What is needed now, James K. A. Smith argues, is less focus on an evangelical identity and more embracing of broader confessional, Protestant traditions. Smith, professor of philosophy at Calvin College, also calls for a generation of scholars to engage in outreach scholarship to democratize knowledge.