"Refuse to Do Nothing" Action Videos

In this five-part collection, authors Shayne Moore and Kim McOwen Yim share additional stories and tips to supplement your reading of their book, "Refuse to Do Nothing." Help your reading group to be better equipped to join the fight against modern-day slavery. To learn more about the book, visit ivpress.com/refusetodonothing.

  1. Meet Shayne and Kim — "Refuse to Do Nothing"

    Shayne Moore and Kim McOwen Yim, authors of "Refuse to Do Nothing" (InterVarsity Press, 2013), have been called to fight modern-day slavery amidst their otherwise everyday lives. Taking cues from abolitionist movements of the past, sharing statistics and telling their personal stories, they describe how making a difference is not beyond your reach.

  2. Join — "Refuse to Do Nothing," chapters 1-3

    The fight against slavery is still being fought. Two centuries ago, women were the backbone of the fight against the slavery of their day as they joined together in local and national networks. Their model of local organizing and community commitment is still powerful today.

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  3. Advocate — "Refuse to Do Nothing," chapters 4-7

    The voices or those enduring modern-day slavery are often silenced. Learn how to take steps to become the voice they need in your family, your community and beyond.

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  4. Change — "Refuse to Do Nothing," chapters 8-11

    The artifacts of slavery are all around us. We have to decide to make our purchasing decisions — over the food we eat, the electronics we buy, where we do business — tools in the fight against modern-day slavery.

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  5. Repeat — "Refuse to Do Nothing," chapters 12-15

    You've joined the fight against modern-day slavery, you've become a voice for the voiceless and you've started to make changes in your own life to carry on the fight long-term. Now it's time to spread the word and multiply the ranks of modern-day abolitionists.

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