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John Michael Talbot On The Jesus Prayer

John Michael Talbot, author of The Jesus Prayer (InterVarsity Press, 2013) spoke and performed during a gathering at IVP. He played is favorite songs about the Jesus prayer and spoke on worship and it's role in our relationship with God. Learn more at

The IVP "On" Series is a growing collection of short videos on big ideas from authors during their time speaking at conferences, churches or in our building at IVP.

  1. John Michael Talbot, Author of The Jesus Prayer, On Worship

    John Michael Talbot, musician and author of The Jesus Prayer, on the relationship between worship and a glad heart.

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  2. John Michael Talbot Performs "The Jesus Prayer"

    John Michael Talbot, musician and author, performs his song "The Jesus Prayer", which he writes about in his book with InterVarsity Press.

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