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Alexia Salvatierra On Faith-Rooted Organizing

Alexia Salvatierra, organizer and author of Faith-Rooted Organizing, recently spoke at a campus ministry's national gathering on the need for organizing, advocacy and activism while pursuing true justice in the name of the true God. These 8 short videos cover 8 very big ideas for how this element of faith can be realized. For more visit

  1. Alexia Salvatierra on Good Government

    Psalm 72 makes a strong call to government to care for all of God's children and a government that can truly do so will being doing God's will.

  2. Alexia Salvatierra On Remembering

    In Galatians, Paul calls on us to remember the poor but as we seek justice we must also realize that we are all part of the body of Christ that has been detached by injustice.

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