Behind The Scenes Series

NYC - London - The Wedding Cafe - Team Photo Shoot 1 - Secret Island - Las Vegas - Twins 1 5 Year Anniversary - Cancun - Japan - Twins 2 - Christmas Party - Team Photo Shoot 2- Expo

  1. Episode 9: Cancun

    In July 2016, the Isle Media team had the opportunity to shoot our first wedding in Cancun, Mexico at the beautiful Dream Sands Resort & Spa. Alan and Lester traveled from Oahu and met up with Rafael, who flew in from Seattle. During the pre-shoot the team was able to shoot some of the nicer attractions around the resort such as the jet skiing, people playing beach volleyball and after they got to try shark tacos for the first time! The team had a blast on their first trip to Mexico. Check out Erica & Anthony's Same-Day-Edit here:

  2. Episode 8: 5 Year Anniversary

    On June 2nd, we celebrated Isle Media’s 5th Year Anniversary at the Honolulu Design Center, and it was overwhelming to see the support from our friends, family, past, current, and future clients, as well as industry partners. We made five videos exclusively for the showcase, highlighting different aspects of our team, as well as a full gallery, featuring prints of our clients, which they were able to take home as a thank you from us. A lot of work went into the showcase videos and setup before the event, but it was also a lot of fun! In this episode, we wanted to highlight the fun we had creating the videos for the showcase and setting up at the Design Center. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our anniversary with us!

  3. BTS Series Teaser Trailer PT.2

    We are excited to announce that we will be releasing Part 2 or our BTS series! We will release 6 new videos that document our latest adventures and experiences that we want to share with our growing audience. Part 2 of our Behind The Scenes Series premieres next week, Monday January 9th, at 12:00 noon Hawaii Standard Time. Please check out the teaser trailer, here!

  4. Episode 7: Ava and Addison

    As we are wrapping up the first season of our Isle Media BTS series, I take a moment to reflect and appreciate the people that we care about the most. Episode 7 is dedicated to my daughters Ava and Addison as well everyone that has shown so much support for our family. Special thanks to Jeff and Jon who take precious care of the girls so that I can go to work, doing what I love. We are forever grateful.

  5. Episode 6: Las Vegas

    In March, the Isle Media Photo Team attended its first WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers) Conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The WPPI is the largest tradeshow of its kind for wedding photographers in the nation, and we were beyond excited to see what it was all about. Over the course of five days, the photo team took classes that discussed topics from social media and blogging, to posing same-sex couples, to using ProFoto lights on location. WPPI also had an expo, featuring big names in the industry from camera companies like Nikon and Canon, to album companies like Renaissance Albums and White House Custom Color. The expo gave us a great opportunity to try out equipment and albums hands-on, something very valuable in today's world of online shopping. In addition, there were live demo shoots that were cool to watch, presented by shooters like Cliff Mautner, Joe McNally, and Peter Hurley. Since the event was held in Vegas, we also made to sure to take in some of the local sights as well, attending a Cirque du Soleil show “O” and exploring the strip. Please enjoy our BTS episode from this trip, filmed both by Alan and the photo team :)

  6. Episode 5: Secret Island

    At the core, the Isle Media team is a family of artists from different backgrounds who enjoy working together for our clients. Aside from our work in the field and in the office, another way that we've been able to become closer is through team building activities. In March, we had a company outing at Secret Island in Kualoa, where we took part in a variety of activities, from collecting items as a team blindfolded, to passing verbal responses around a circle in the fastest time. It was a great chance for everyone to work together and enjoy some good company, while chilling at the beach :)