Behind The Scenes Series

NYC - London - The Wedding Cafe - Team Photo Shoot 1 - Secret Island - Las Vegas - Twins 1 5 Year Anniversary - Cancun - Japan - Twins 2 - Christmas Party - Team Photo Shoot 2- Expo

  1. Episode 14: Bridal Expo

    One of the big events to kick off 2017 was the Hawaii Bridal Expo, held at the Neil Blaisdell Center from January 13-15. Thanks to the leadership and vision of Jeremiah and Lester the booth looked incredible and did a great job showcasing our video, photo, and hair and makeup services. Here's our behind the scenes look at the work that goes into setting up our booth as well as a tour of the expo by Isle Media's very own Director of Operations, Jeremiah! Thank you to everyone who came to check out our booth. See you all next year!

  2. Michelle and Romney Wedding Highlights

  3. Episode 13: Team Photoshoot 2

    For this year's annual company photo shoot, we were extra ambitious and decided to do both a full studio shoot, as well as squeeze in a stylized outdoor shoot before the sun went down. Our video team put together this video which takes you behind the scenes of this shoot, showing that it was truly a team effort, from our beauty team helping the ladies with their hair and makeup, to the photo team that organized and executed the portraits and group photos throughout the day. In this video, we interviewed our new members, as well as coordinators who we added to our ohana to give them some spotlight. In typical Isle Media fashion, it was a memorable event, from Ryan flaunting a blond whig, to Grant doing backflips for his portraits, to Alan and the video team coordinating a flying formation with their drones for the outdoor shoot. Check out the video!

  4. Episode 12: Christmas Party

    One of Isle Media's biggest traditions has been our annual Christmas party, a chance for our team to get together at the end of the year and celebrate the holidays. In the past we've celebrated at Bucca di Beppo, Tsukiji and even the Cupola Theater. This year's Christmas party was very special because Alan hosted it at his family's new home in Ewa Beach. This video features our Christmas card shoot, our annual white elephant gift exchange and beer pong! We hope you enjoy!

  5. Episode 11: Ava and Addison Part 2

    Some people say being a parent gets easier when your children go to school, but wow- that couldn't be further from the truth. Ava and Addison, come to found out, do not enjoy waking up in the morning. Daily routines like putting on their school uniform, brushing their hair & teeth and even eating breakfast, can be a nightmare!
    Luckily, our first day of school went surprisingly well and only Ava was brought to near tears when saying goodbye at the classroom. The semester flew by and ended with a beautiful Christmas show where the girls played a red and black cow. I hope you enjoy this episode!

  6. Episode 10: Japan

    Isle Media is fortunate to land one or two Japan weddings per year and this round was with Takuma and Natsumi. Our photographer, Kay whom was born and raised in Japan, came up with the idea of taking time days prior to the wedding to explore sites around Gifu prefecture such as the famous Takayama city known for its temples and traditional cuisine. The team also visited Shirakawago, a village that is home to hundreds of thatched roof structures.
    For the wedding, we spent two days shooting in Odaiba, an artificial island situated right in the middle of Tokyo Bay. We were even lucky to see a colorful display of boats lit up at night across the bay. Vending machines dispensing corn soup and sleeping in capsule hotels were just a few other memorable moments on our epic trip!