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ISBNPA XChange 2020 - All recordings

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Live Symposium #ISBNPAXChange: The application of systems thinking in public health_ Diverse approaches and lessons learned

RATIONALE: Health and health behaviour can be conceptualised as a result of interaction between multiple interdependent elements that affect each other in subtle ways to produce change. This way of thinking was introduced to most researchers by the Foresight report on obesity prevention (2007). Although the topic has received increasing attention from the scientific community, the literature on systems thinking has remained quite conceptual. There are few examples of its application in public health. We will present three projects, that each use systems thinking to tackle a public health problem. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this symposium is to share our experiences in using systems thinking and generate dialogue with others who are engaged in or interested in using this approach. We will present three projects that use systems thinking; each has a different focus, using a different method.