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Live Symposium: International insights and solutions for the relationship between food literacy and food security

Purpose: Food literacy is a term used to encompass the knowledge, skills, and behaviors involved in planning, purchasing, preparing, and consuming foods. A dual relationship between food security and food literacy is thought to exist. Inadequate food literacy may contribute to food insecurity and being food insecure may limit the ability to use food literacy behaviors to achieve adequate diet quality. In this symposium, we plan to provide international insight into the relationship between food literacy and food security and provide solutions to enhance food security by moving beyond an examination of individual initiatives to systems-based evaluations. This symposia will draw upon data collected from three, unique populations. Rationale: Food insecurity is an international problem and is linked with adverse short and long-term physical and mental health consequences. There is a need to disseminate learnings from effective evidence-based methodologies that evaluate initiatives targeted at addressing complex problems such as food insecurity. Objectives: 1. To discuss the associations between food insecurity, gender and food skills among school-aged children. 2. To examine the associations between food insecurity and barriers to utilization of foods within the home linked with food literacy among parents of school-aged children. 3. To increase understanding regarding how a Systemic Innovation Lab methodology can be used to assess the capacity of a system of initiatives to transition towards enhancing food security. Summary: International speakers will highlight recent research in the relationship between food literacy and food security and describe recent approaches to enhance food security, through increasing the functioning of a system of initiatives, such as food literacy initiatives. We will facilitate a discussion on implications for practice, highlight areas for international collaboration, and formulate domains of strategic focus for future research.