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Live Symposium_ Implementing interventions in real world settings – experiences from four interventions addressing physical ac

Purpose: To address the ‘how to’ of implementing interventions in real world settings. Rationale: Over the last decade many experts have highlighted the importance of embedding evidence-based practices into real world settings to achieve public health impact. However, implementation in community-based settings is a challenge (Lau et al 2019) and requires interventions developed with real world contexts in mind. Thus, at some or all stages of intervention research (e.g. feasibility, efficacy, effectiveness or scale-up) physical activity and healthy eating interventions are implemented and evaluated in those settings. Over 60 theoretical frameworks (Tabak et al, 2012) identify a number implementation determinants and outcomes but practical advice about how to operationalize these or what to prioritize is lacking (Koorts et al 2018; Lau et al 2019). Additionally some factors have emerged that aren’t identified in frameworks (Naylor et al 2015 and Lau et al 2019). What practical processes do researchers use to adapt interventions, enhance buy-in, deal with different contextual factors across sites? Lau et al identified 15 critical implementation processes in youth programming and Koorts et al (2018) a framework of practical strategies for planning implementation. Exploring implementation experiences, processes and strategies used by researchers to embed evidence-based practices in a variety of settings will support future real world implementation efforts. Objectives: Speakers will: 1. Provide an overview of their intervention and context 2. Highlight implementation issues, facilitators and barriers experienced in their research 3. Discuss implementation and evaluation strategies and approaches essential to successful implementation. Summary: The symposium integrates implementation experiences from different physical activity and nutrition interventions and highlights practical implementation approaches and strategies used.