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Iowa Annual Conference

The Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church is a connection of some 158,000 people who gather in 760 communities of faith across the state, and as people of "open hearts, open minds, and open doors" are committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

  1. Iowa-Nigeria Project 25th anniversary special offiering

    The amazing energy of the Iowa Conference presenting the special offering for the 25th anniversary of the Iowa Nigeria Project

  2. Microphone sequence display

    Roland Minshall, the Conference's Director of Information Technology, has developed a system that makes it possible to recognize speakers more quickly during the Annual Conference session. Tiny radio transmitters will communicate with a video monitor on the platform letting the Bishop know the order that people come to a microphone and their intention - in favor, opposed, or choosing to ask a question. Roland Minshall developed the system, on his own time, using low-cost, low-power computer technology to improve the plenary sessions of the Conference. - See more at:

  3. Afton United Methodist Church

    Afton United Methodist Church has a new Sunday night worship service. Pastor Joel Sutton and others from the Afton community describe the impact of the service on the church and community

  4. Island United Methodist Church - in mission for transformation

    Mission ministries of Island United Methodist Church are presented, along with an introduction by Rev. Tom Berryman and Phil Carver. The video is created for the 2014 annual session of the Iowa Conference of The United Methodist Church

  5. 2015 pre-Conference orientation

    the 2015 pre-Conference orientation for the Iowa Conference is presented in a video format, including an introduction by Bishop Trimble and Patty LaGree, presentations on: the 2016 budget by Terry Montgomery, Conference Treasurer; a health insurance proposal from the Board of Pensions by Rev. Beverlee Bell; the CCMC budgeting process by Rev. Karen Dungan, Assistant to the Bishop for Administration andRev. Dave Peterson; and the Design Task Force proposal by three members of that group. Send questions about the proposed budget to

  6. 2016 proposed budget for the Iowa Conference

    The proposed 2016 Iowa Conference budget is described by Terry Montgomery, Conference Treasurer. Send questions about the budget to

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