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Iowa Annual Conference

The Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church is a connection of some 158,000 people who gather in 760 communities of faith across the state, and as people of "open hearts, open minds, and open doors" are committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

  1. Resiliency and Anxiety and the 2019 special General Conference

    Rev. Dr. Mary Lautzenhiser Bellon, director of the Office of Pastoral Care and Counseling of the Iowa Annual Conference, speaks about being resilient and managing anxiety related to the 2019 special session of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church

  2. One Minute with the Delegates - Rev. Brian Milford

    "I'm praying that we can provide room for diverse opinions on matters of conscience," said Rev. Brian Milford of the upcoming 2019 Special Called General Conference. Milford shares three hopes for the time delegates from around the world gather together in St. Louis.

  3. One Minute with the Delegates - Rev. Diane Wasson Eberhart

    "It's a lot of responsibility," said Rev. Diane Wasson Eberhart about being a delegate to the 2019 Speical Called General Conference. "I feel it's important to do a lot of preparation in prayer and reading, and be open to the holy spirit as we get to General Conference."

    The Iowa delegates have been meeting regularly to discuss the plans and be in worship and prayer with one another ahead of the conference. "I really appreciate prayers and I think all of the delegation would, and ask that you pray for a sense of kindness and love that is shown to all people participating as well," she said.

  4. One Minute with the Delegates - Phil Carver

    Phil Carver, a delegate from Iowa heading to the 2019 Special General Conference, talks about his spiritual and mental preparation. "I'm accustomed to taking spiritual walks each day," he said. "It's another time for me to reflect on the legislation that's before us, the decisions that we are looking at making, and some of the ways that I am seeking God's guidance."

  5. One Minute with the Delegates - Rev. Lilian Gallo Seagren

    Rev. Lilian Gallo Seagren discusses her prayers for the upcoming Special Called General Conference.

    "We pray that we will be gifted with peace, patience and hope so that we may be the best church and witness of Christ's body to the whole world," she said.

    This is the second of a series of interviews with Iowa Conference delegates prior to the Special Called General Conference.

  6. One Minute with the Delegates — Reverend Tom Shinkle

    Reverend Tom Shinkle, a delegate to the 2019 Special General Conference, talks about what it means to him to represent the Iowa Conference and his church.

    "In the end, we know this is God's church with a capital 'C' so we know God will prevail," he said.

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