Documentary - Landscape Conservation

CEPF and ATREE, in their endeavour to protect and conserve the irreplaceable Western Ghats, have granted funds to sustain the causes of many independent projects. This film traces three of such projects that have each embodied a significant facet of Landscape Conservation.

Mr. Terence Jorge from the EIA Resource the EIA Resource and Response is working toward empowering local communities in Goa. Mr. Balachandra Hegde from Snehakunja trust has helped establish a chain of conservation reserves in Uttara Karnataka. Dr. Aparna Watve from Biome Conservation Foundation has been promoting information sharing for the conservation of rocky plateaus in Northern Western Ghats.
They each uphold the same philosophy – ‘Landscape conservation is the root to sustenance’.

The funds benefitted the causes by allowing them to mobilize resources, involve more people, assist the Government and make a significant difference from where they started.