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"TRANSFORMATIONS" is a series of virtual reality videos" created to transport the viewer's psyche into Natures mystical realms of enchanting beauty and serenity "Transformations" open a virtual portal that taps directly into Nature's essence by cinematically blending her diverse beauty into a visual style that transports viewers beyond their normal scope of experiences. This work is truly mesmerizing...check it out!


VR_TRANSFORMATIONS-3Min-TreeMorphings This dream-like environment synthesizes Natures water elements, with RainForest and Jungle, Caribbean Beaches, etc.

The goal of INVIROVR is to produce inspirational VR-Content that lowers stress and anxiety levels while increasing feelings of well-being.
INVIORVR suggests fewer carbs and more Nature. Nature has 0 calories per serving and provides you with beauty, joy, and most of all peace of mind. Take a healthy virtual serving of Nature, 5 minutes twice a day, minimum. Nature-Based VR environments supplied by INVIROVR.COM...



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